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www.talent-up.it is a showcase website designed to promote the Services provided by Barbara Galli.

The terms and conditions herein described regulate the use of the website, including every third-level domain or landing page, if any, associated with it.


Site: the website www.talent-up.it, including every third-level domain or landing page, if any, associated with it;

User: the person accessing the Website;
Content: the materials, without exception, found in the Website (by way of example and not limited to, the texts, images, articles, documents, videos, logos, works of creation, original or reproduced, including the software, website functioning criteria, menus, layouts, graphics and colours) or sent to the user by Barbara Galli;
Service: the set of activities and operations the Users can carry out through the Website; the possibility for the Users who have registered to set up a Profile;
Users: the physical people who navigate the Website.


This agreement provides for the Terms of Service regulating the use of the website and its Content which the User must comply with.

The present Terms of Service regulate the use of the Website on the part of the User, its liability, the limited liability of Barbara Galli, the copy rights connected to the website’s content, besides the Website itself.


By accessing and using this Website, including third-level domains, if any, and landing page associated with it, the User understands they accept the general terms of service, and all the terms and conditions therein specified or mentioned or any additional terms and conditions provided for by the present Website and undertakes to abide by them.


The User can navigate the website at their will.
The User can use the Website exclusively for legitimate activities and must refrain from using the website for any activity and purpose that may result in a violation of Barbara Galli or third parties’ rights.

It is expressly forbidden to use any part of the Website and its Contents for direct or indirect commercial or advertising purposes, unless previously authorised in writing by Barbara Galli.
Any fraudulent or illegal action committed by the User shall be prosecuted.

In order to access the services provided by www.talent-up.it, including every third-level domain or landing page associated with it, or contact Barbara Galli, the User might be required to enter their personal data.
All the information provided will have to be correct and truthful.

It is strictly forbidden to enter fake and/or made-up and/or invented names. Barbara Galli reserves the right to prosecute any violation and misuse, in her own interest and in the interest of the beneficiaries of the services of the brand/company holding your personal data and information.


The User undertakes to use the website in keeping with the purposes it has been designed for and, in the case in point, they undertake:
a. to comply with the Terms of Service;
b. not to use the Website and its subdomains for illegal, deceitful, defamatory or discriminatory purposes or unlawful activities;
c. not to provide fake personal information;
d. not to enter identical personal data or e-mail addresses;
e. not to tamper with, damage or compromise the functioning of the Website or even a part thereof;
f. not to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of the Website or network connected with it, as well as not to breach security or authentication measures.
g. not to try to upload data, information or software carrying viruses or other damaging or detrimental codes, in violation of the law, including that providing for the protection of intellectual property, and of Barbara Galli or third-party’s rights.
h. to make sure that their personal information is correct and updated;
Barbara Galli reserves the right to prosecute any violation and misuse.


The User agrees they are solely liable for any action relating to the use of the services provided by Barbara Galli which they use at their own risk.
In greater detail, the User undertakes that whatever detail, data or information they enter is correct, updated and bereft of even potentially illegal elements.

Unless expressly authorized in writing, it is strictly forbidden to use any part or section of the Website and its contents for direct or indirect commercial or advertising purposes.

The User agrees they are liable for the truthfulness of the data provided and, also, undertakes:
1. not to provide fake personal information;
2. not to provide personal data unless they are 16 years old or failing the authorisation of a Parent or Legal Ward;
3. secure that the contact details are correct and updated;
4. not to enter fake information in the personal data form.


The User understands that every Content available in the Website (by way of example and not limited to, the photos, videos, images, graphics, texts, data, software, sound, illustrations, designs, icons) and/or provided by Barbara Galli is entirely owned by the same and/or third parties and is therefore protected by copyright or other intellectual property regulations.

Unless otherwise specified in the Website or authorised in writing by Barbara Galli and/or by the right owners, it is prohibited to dispose or to use the material in the Website (such as duplication, total and/or partial reproduction, download, saving, communication to third parties, publication or circulation by any means and form with the aid of media and technologies either currently existing or developed in the future) and/or provided by Barbara Galli.

“Bgtalentup” and “talent-up are trademarks and/or distinctive signs fully owned by Barbara Galli alongide the logos used in the Website.
All use or reproduction of said trademarks and/or distinctive signs and logos is prohibited, unless authorised in writing by Barbara Galli.


Barbara Galli gives no warranty or assurance about the content of the Website; the Contents therein contained or accessible through the Website may be incorrect.

To the extent permitted by the law, Barbara Galli and/or her suppliers will not be liable for direct or indirect (and of any other type) damage – such as damage for failure to use this website or third-party websites connected with it – vis-à-vis the User and third parties, ensuing or anyway connected to the use of the Website and its Contents owing to delay or impossibility to use the Website and/or its Contents, the supply or failure to supply the Contents or any other information and content accessed through the Website.

Moreover, Barbara Galli gives no warranty that the information or data the User reads in the Website are not accessible or viewable from unauthorised third parties.

Barbara Galli and her collaborators will in no way be held liable for whatever loss, request, damage, direct or indirect, of any kind or anyway deriving from using the Website not in keeping with the terms of service.


The Website may contain links to third-party websites.

Barbara Galli declines all responsibility in case of actions or omissions deriving from the use of the information and content of said third-party websites, and also gives no warranty about the completeness and accuracy of the content and the information they have provided.

Barbara Galli gives no warranty and accepts no liability about the content, availability, functioning and performance of any website that may be linked to this website or from which you can access this Website.

Other websites are free to link to this website through links with the home page.
Any hypertext link or “deep link” or using the so-called framing technique intended to prevent the identification of (or to mask) the authorship of the contents is expressly forbidden.


Processing of your personal data will be carried out by Barbara Galli in compliance with the Italian personal data protection regulations in force (GDPR- Reg. EU n. 679/2016, Legislative Decree 196/2003 privacy code as modified by the Legislative Decree 101/2018), in compliance with the privacy policy reading in the Website.


Any dispute or litigation concerning the present terms of service will be governed by the Italian jurisdiction and the applicable law will be the Italian law, without any reference to the conflicts existing among different law criteria. The User herewith agrees and submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian court and expressly waives to raise any objections about such jurisdiction. The competent court will be the Court of Milan which shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any other Court.