Suspended time is the time when we ask ourselves the questions to restart thinking about us, our projects, our company and the country’s economic system”.


 Suspended time is time we are to use wisely vs. just fill.

 Time can help us restore our heartbeat and breathing to its natural pace, be clear about our focus, relight the beacon illuminating our way, be it personal or professional; not only as individuals but as team and business leaders too.

 Suspended time allows us to look for and find the ideal energy state, the underlying driver of our intrinsic motivations, ignite and nurture them, to prevent our actions from being just a hectic chase of numberless puzzle tiles but rather a harmonious whole rich in significant moments.


Designing in suspended time” is the title of the book by Elena Tavelli, which I gladly co-authored in collaboration with a few prominent, generous professionals.


The instant book came into being when Covid was at its peak, sustained by the desire to offer perspectives and tools at a time of sweeping transformation.

A book that consistently and visibly brings to life the possibility to collaborate and make the most of the following gifts:

  • the knowledge and experience everyone have gained throughout their one-of-a-kind life and professional journey
  • the questions everyone ask themselves on a day to day basis
  • the considerations we all deep-dive alongside our real-life backgrounds
  • the proceeds going to a charity.


A close friend of mine and an excellent professional, Elena has developed the concept of Business Design Marketing together with Chiara Palamà Gowisi, with a mind to redesigning her life: an unusual approach as, in spite of usually targeting corporates, it is an extremely powerful tool suiting human beings too.

Who are my stakeholders?

What value can I generate for them and how?


I personally contributed by writing about the “why”, a theme I cherish immensely.


How many times in your life have you felt like a hamster on the wheel?


How long have you run before you came to a halt and wondered “why have I been up to all this?” You may have experienced the sensation of being on shaky ground upon asking yourself probably-never-uttered questions: “what’s my real goal?” “what makes me happy?” “does what I have been doing truly fit in the journey I wish for myself? Am I knowingly choosing it? Am I the protagonist of my own life?”


Failing the why, and the purpose, we may end up either never getting started, or going around in circles expecting someone to show us the way.


  • Knowing your why is paramount.
  • It is there to show you the way
  • It embodies your very sense of going there
  • It sheds light on your goals and everyday actions


 As Elena pointed out “you may find it hard to believe, but the very moment you start picturing a different future, you are already shaping it”. 

And we do have tools bringing it to life such as Life Vision Canvas!


The spiraling journey of why starts and ends with why.


It is all about cycles, like anything else that happens in life: from sunrise to sunset, from birth to death, from sleeping to waking up.  

The journey across why intertwines with the role of archetypes which help us understand why, for instance, we feel comfortable in some relations and uncomfortable in others.

Is your archetype the Guru, the Majesty, or the Artist? The Genius, the Jester, or the Child? The Victor, the Pioneer, the Cutting-Edge or the Healer?  


Find it out and you will see everything even more clearly!


I could write about the role of time, purpose, awareness, choice, vision and focus for hours on end and I would give unlimited room to Elena’s words and thoughts who has generously taken me on board of this amazing project shared with Raul Mattaboni, Dario Ayala, Marco Marasco, Fabrizio Faraco and Dario Ramerini.


Yet, from now on I will be giving voice to silence, an extraordinary as well as long-neglected form of communication.

For each of you to think it over.


And for you to be left with the curiosity to read the book. Buy it!

Be generous to yourselves and to the beneficiaries of the proceeds. You can buy either the digital or the hardcopy version on Amazon: brief and punchy, rich in content and food for thought.


Apart from that, I am here, with Talent Up, committed to my mission, implementing my strategic model for businesses and empowerment programs targeting people.


I am ready to share part of the journey with anyone willing to promote a more authentic, mindful world where each and every individual can seize – and has – the opportunity to become aware of, express and make their talents shine, while infusing the people around them and the organization they work for with positive energy.


 It is always the right time to choose.

It is always the right time to start seeing and nurturing our well-being and strength and thriving, not only to our own benefit but also to the company’s we work for.

The mission of Talent Up sits in recognizing, giving voice, empowering talents while helping them stand out. Be it personal or in the framework of an organization. With a mind to generating well-being and performance. Nurturing and helping them flourish.

Talent Academy, the discovery and empowerment model of Talent Up and #coaching4gamechangers, was born out of the light of this beacon.