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5 minutes top tips video on feedback. How you can use it to help talents to shine!
Pubblicata il 25/05/2022

What does the word feed-back recall you?

Which are the first images that come to your mind when you hear the word feedback? Is it the yearly meeting with your boss or with your team members?


How do you feel? Are you thinking

“Oh, not again! I will have to listen once more to what I do wrong, what I should improve”

“Another waste of time…let’s face it and hope it’s over soon”

I’m with you.


When we feel judged, or when we feel obliged to do something without seeing any benefit from it, or any scope, we feel frustrated, scared, anxious…blocked.


The good news?

If you have experienced that, it is not feedback!


Feedback is non judgemental and it’s a powerful tool to build strong and authentic relationships between you and your colleagues, your boss, your team members.

With a proper feedback you favour authentic communication, which implies that both you and your counterpart feel free to express, share, build together.

And, when you allow people to express, they will feel empowered and fully involved. Therefore they will let their talents shine! They will overcome blocks and fears and you will both benefit from it!


Feedback feeds forward!


How can you deliver a proper feedback? Which are the steps?


??Watch the video and enjoy! ??


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