if we own a car, we make sure we fill the tank up (irrespective of whether it is petrol-powered or electric) so that it can be fully operating.

We regularly schedule servicing and maintenance.

We make sure all systems are up and running and recharge the battery.

We take it to the car wash so that not only does it look nice and clean, but also makes us feel cozy and comfortable.

Whenever a light starts flashing, we have it checked up.

In other words, we take care of every component so that it stands us in good stead and delivers long-lasting performance. We make sure it is safe and responsive in case the need arises. We want to make the most of it. We want it to retain its market value and be resaleable the day we may decide to buy a new car.

We know that all its components are to communicate with one another through junctions and function in a coordinated manner, each against its role.

Each of them is crucial: the headlights as they help us see the outside world sharply; the tires, the brakes and the accelerator allow us to drive at the desired speed, cope with difficult circumstances and make the most of pick-up.


Like cars, companies need fuel, regular servicing, and maintenance. Energy injections, “grooming” and care of their image. Not just to retain their established value, but also to build new one.

A company needs consistent processes, “greased junctions”; all its parts are to work in synergy; it needs to keep in touch with the world out there.


From the “mechanical” point of view, it takes rules and processes for a company to work.

On the other hand, it is not just about rules and processes, products, and places.

It needs people.


People make companies living organisms.

And something that is alive is likely to evolve, keep pace with the times, while plunging into the flow of things, into changing contexts, by intercepting, internalizing, and transforming the signals into information and actions to be flexible, successful and ahead of the game.


A company’s fuel is not confined to the economic/financial resources only. Needless to say, a company would go nowhere without cash, investments, profits.

People design and bring processes to life; connections revolve around people; a company’s image and vision mirror through its people: their actions, behaviours, words, experiences, and advocacy.

Information reaches the company through its human resources who listen, see, and connect with the world.

People develop the business.

If engagement is high, the company will shine through its people: against its image and strength, because every individual will amplify its voice and presence.

If people are sustained and guided throughout their development, empowerment, growing awareness and talents, the bond with the company will benefit (greater experience asset available; greater loyalty; less turnover and, therefore, more resources and fewer costs!) and the organization’s performance will naturally increase: business, productivity and well-being will equally boost. 

We have been gradually leaving the lockdown behind.

But it does not mean we will not face it again.


If we really want to be ready to start afresh as managers and entrepreneurs, it is time that our mindset changed by not taking for granted what seems a given.

Let us seriously make investments designed to strengthen our most invaluable resources, namely people, from this very moment.

Let us not confine ourselves to just teaching them the procedures but let us give them wide-ranging tools helping them gain confidence, independence, proactivity.

Let us promote leadership, cohesion, and energy. Let us give room to emotional intelligence, foster talent as well as the culture of merit and advocacy.


Left without fuel, a car would not start.

When even just one component stops functioning efficiently, the entire system may end up being jeopardized.  


The mission of Talent Up sits in recognizing, giving voice, empowering talents while helping them stand out. Be they personal or in the framework of an organization. With a mind to generating well-being and performance. Nurturing and helping them flourish.

We avail ourselves of coaching, emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence, managerial consulting tools and creativity.

We cover a comprehensive journey, from the initial listening stage to mapping the T0, defining/optimizing vision, mission, and strategy all the way down to implementing action plans, training, and empowerment.

The tools we rely on help us measure the impact choices have on performance and the results evolution

Talent Academy, the discovery and empowerment model of Talent Up and #coaching4gamechangers, was born out of the light of this beacon.