Talent Academy: the way out is inside of you. Inside your company.


You have been waiting on the side-lines for months. You experienced surprise, disorientation, fear. And despite not having given up, you are tired and maybe discouraged too.

You are beginning to project yourself on the outside, into what you still perceive as an uncertain climate. 


Eager to help people make a new start, infused with the right energy and suitable presence, we have launched Talent Academy, a training and coaching program which, true to the strategic model of Talent-Up, is available in two distinct options: 

  • one targeting people, individuals called “People Journey”
  • one targeting Companies called “Company Journey”. 



The Company Journey, tailored around Companies 


  • Your managers, talents, the people you rely on to take off again, namely the vibrant side of your organization: they act as your storm glass in the market, promote your image in the world, your circulating energy, shape the relationships that represent the bedrock of your business and of your company’s life and prosperity. 



  • By clearly identifying your people’s talents and inclinations will lead you into creating balanced, closely-knit, motivated, powerful teams, while reviewing the balance, if the need arises, so as to generate added well-being, value, and achievements to everyone’s benefit.
  • You will be able to run new human resources recruitment sessions by making sure to select and integrate people having the talents the company is in need of, having consistent values and vision, to the mutual benefit of the organization and the candidates.


  • You will focus on the present, by exploring motivation, hang-ups, inclinations, tools. You will be able to map the status quo and identify goals and the first steps to attain them. Much in the same way, you will be able to measure effectiveness as you go


You will access training in

  • emotional intelligence
  • talents
  • behavioural coaching
  • negotiating
  • effective communication and feedback management  


and much more. We will be working together with the aid of emotional and artificial intelligence advanced tools, brain profiles, coaching, consultancy, managerial and career training for building teams with a new, authentic drive starting from the accord about objectives, processes, touchpoints


We deliberately decided that all the programs would be affordable: in what have been proving difficult historical, social, and economic times, BG Talent Up would like every person to have the tools empowering them not only to get back to their feet but in the race too.


We do not know what the future holds, but if there ever were opportunities passing by, if we are aware and trained, we will have the clarity of mind and the sprint necessary to seize them. 


Sign up the website www.talent-up.it and send an e-mail to barbara@talent-up.it , by specifying you are interested in learning more about Talent Academy. By joining this program, you shall discover, express, and strengthen your organization talents.  


If you wish to learn more about any of the themes extensively explored at the Academy, sign up the online courses we provide through OOOH EVENTS https://oooh.events/

Talent Academy CourseTalent Academy Course